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Sex Coffee and Cocktails

Tales of Discovery

18 September
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This LJ was meant to be titled Sex coffeee and Cocktails, but thats to big for it so yeah, thats the shorten version. This Lj was created so i had a medium to express myself. I was never good at this mini bios, just read the Lj and you'll get to know me.

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18th centry, 19th centry, a softer world, amici, angelina jolie, anne bishop, anne rice, antonio vivaldi, appartments, art, bars, beaudelaire, bikes, black, bond, books, burgandy, business, byron, cars, cate blanchett, champagne, charm, chekhov, chocolate, clive owen, clothes, clubs, cocktails, coffee, cold, colin farrell, comics, computers, craig parker, depression, deviantart, dominic monaghan, donnie darko, drawing, elegance, etiquette, europe, feilds, fencing, fight club, fire, florance, france, gerard butler, glass work, green, halle berry, hayden christensen, howie day, hugh jackman, icons, interesting people, interior design, italy, jaguar, john forbes, johnny depp, josh groban, kyo, landscapes, leather, lestate, lev tolstoy, lifehouse, literature, liv tyler, long talks, looking..., lord of the rings, love, marquis de sade, modern art, monet, movies, music, new orleans, new york, nightsky, nightwish, oscar wild, our lady peace, paris, performance art, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, poe, poetry, pushkin, romance, russia, russian poetry, ryan reynolds, sean bean, seduction, sex, shades of grey, shakespeare, shinny things, short stories, silver, sky, sleeping, snow, something corporate, surreal movies, swordfish, tears, the matrix, the mob, the scarlet pimpernel, theater, thomas kretschmann, times long past, trees, ts eliot, tuscany, underwear, underworld, vampires, van goh, victoria secret, violin, vodka, vs, warmth, white, wicca, wine, winton, witt, writing, x-men, yo-yo ma